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1/32nd roundhead jig #8 Matzuo sickle hook
painted with black diamond dust powderpaint
3mm glow in the dark eyes
3/0 fluourescent chartreuse thread - body
UV Krystalflash - tail
Reptile rubber - legs & tail


Lay down a 3/0 fluorescent chartreuse thread

Add 8 strands of UV chartreuse Krystalflash

Tye on 4 Strands of reptile rubber or silicon rubber

Split the arms with a figure 8 tye

Whip finish

You can tye this style in a lot of different color combos and use various legging/arm material.

Been hesitant about posting this pattern because there are tyers out here that like to bootleg some of my patterns and sell them. Can't do anything about it - especially if it's put out on a web site...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about people stealing patterns and selling them... I was hesitant about putting my ghost minnows on here too, because they have been so succesful! I don't care if someone uses my patterns for themselves, but if they want to copy them and sell them, I think I should get a cut Wink
Those look really cool!! I'll have to try some of those!
I really like the very last pic you posted! That jig rocks! Thinner for a winner!
Awesome lil tie that you have come up with. You make It look simple enough too. And unfortunately Im sure somewhere out there someone will sell them!
Love it, Sonny. Well done on the tutorial pics. I like the looks of those olive ones!
Sonny - Love the tutorial. Quick simple pattern that really knocks the fish!!!!
Thnx all. Very kid friendly tye too - Faby has fun with it, can't forget her pink auto.
thanks Led! I love the simplicity of it, and heck it's just different than anything else I have thrown at them. great creativity.
Icon14Icon14Thanks for posting, i cant wait to tie a few up for the next fishing trip..excellent ties!
Ledhed.....have been using rubber shirts from BassPro. Have you seen any particular material that holds up better than others for the rubber shirts.
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