Full Version: tried to copy a auto jig
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Gave it a shot tell me how they look
[Image: 100_5784.jpg]

top view
[Image: 100_5782.jpg]
I don't know what an auto jig is, but those look great!
Thanks - the auto's are what ledhead calls the tiny jigs he uses
Oic, like my micro ghost minnows!?
Yep pretty much!!
I think them'll ketch Doug!!
Thanks Pepop - but after seeing Sonny's tutorial!!!! I got a long way to go!!!!
the round rubber or silicone makes this jig easier to tie I think, the round stuff is stiffer and more manageable.
heck, gonna go looking around at a few places I know that sell replacement skirts for spinnerbaits as my centipede legs won't last long and I think they were pretty expensive. I did see some of that reptile rubber in 5 foot strips also, can't remember what site I was on.
FM....they should hunt.

Redear.....lurepartsonline.com for reptile rubber.