Full Version: A new two tone jig
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Well I got this idea from one of the forums.
Its a easy tie and I like the looks now if the fish like it LOL

[Image: file_zps285c5c9f.jpg]

I can do a step by step if anyone would like to see that.
Very nicely done!!!
After posting the photo I closed up the gap in the eye LOL
If you don't mind I would really like to see a step by step. Thanks
DPJ, you outta PM AtticaFish and see if this & the "Over-Under" style could be placed in the tutorial section. Tutorials
Great tye - we are always looking for more tying tutorials.
Can always use those!!!!!!!!!!
Ok this is the way I have been doing mine sorry for the blurred photos but I think you get the idea

Ok I start with the head painted and the tail tied in
[Image: file_zpsdfa3d9df.jpg]

Now tie the back end color in note just like you would the main color but stop short when raping channel like two turns and then run the thread down and lock it in then trim the first color tab run the thread back to the head

[Image: file_zpsd3523187.jpg]

Tie in the second color just before the first color run the thread to tie it in then back up to the head
[Image: file_zps3325c28e.jpg]

Run the second color to the head and whip finish it

[Image: file_zps42946a31.jpg]

When you do the back color think of it as that is where the head is then when you put the second color just tie it like you would any jig.

I keep looking at this and well I hope it makes sense ask ? if not.

Like tying in dual materials when tying flies - You explained it just fine!!!
Nice ties....your first jig I would watch the open end to the circle where you tie the fishing line. If I see those with my hooks I do not use. Just personal thought.
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