Full Version: Just trollin around
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[attachment=174]I was Just trollin around on the web when I ran accrossed JC.com. Been on crappie.com for quite a while and have enjoyed it. Hope this site is as good.
I'm 64+, spending time with my wife is probably the best thing about retirement. We keep busy with the grandkids activities. You know the drill, ball games here, play practices and choir there. Twins we don't get to see often enough 80 miles away. "They" say grandkids keep you young, OK. All I can say is I sleep pretty good after trying to keep up with the younger set.
I enjoy tying jigs and fishing. I've only been into tying for a few months, but am learning a lot. I hope to pick up somemore tips here.
Welcome CP - great attitude - good looking jig
Howdy! Good looking jig........
Welcome Aboard !!!!...Smile

Welcome from Missouri. Sounds like a great life to me! I will be getting back to you on the PM.
Welcome and that jig looks good.
Welcome Crappie Pop, the guys and gals over here are the greatest. Everyone is just interested in helping each other and having fun doing what we do. I recently retired also and jig tying has become my pasion. You'll love it on JigCraft.
Welcome aboard Pop...Several of us like to talk about them Grandkids Big Grin