Full Version: Some recent catches
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Some catches on from recent times & some pics of what they ate.
This is a "jackhammer" which is basically a 20$ chatterbait Huh , but with my personal touch. 
Allow me to introduce the "chattering chicken hammer"!
Are those canals salty, fresh, or in between ?

The clown was a nite bite ?
Canals I am targeting are all freshwater. Peacocks have 0 tolerance for salt, largies can take some.
The clown hit right at dusk. Not quite as dark as pic would imply, but thats because my camera phone sucks & Im a tech-idiot who probably has my camera settings less than optimal.
Ive caught maybe 6 clowns in the last year, all on bucktail, a couple in the middle of the day, & the rest right around sunset.
Nice mixed bag
Insane catch! Seen some videos on youtube. Great pictures and lures.