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... I have been getting an arsenal together for some hand to hand combat with some crappie... Using a few jig heads reminded of you. Mel completed 7 years cancer free last week and I hope you and yours are doing well also...

First up red/black/white, has been a producer for me for a long time..


Most folks in my area know blacktrouse..

And a not so known Ketchin Karrott...


Thanks for lookin...
Nice looking baits, all will work here too.
Those are nice baits. Blacktruse is something I've done as well. That carrot is nice. Might have to do some of those, but I don't know how the local fish would respond. Guess there's only one way to find out Smile
VERY NICE !!!.... Icon14 

Hey thank you guys and gal for the replies and comments, I appreciate them. A couple more dogs that hunt out here.

A shad pattern..


And some Texas toast, with a new paint for me, Copper head. Hope ya'll like them...

Sorry about the double picture, not sure how to fix it...
Nice work, Mel
Awesome set jigs! And even better news a out Mel!
Very nice Jig Man.
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