Full Version: New DoIt Molds
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(10-20-2016, 10:42 PM)QPassage Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-20-2016, 11:14 AM)hookup Wrote: [ -> ]Do you crimp to loop in the hooks eye?

Looks like the hook could come out of the eye?

Yes the wire crimps in place and it is pretty darn stiff.  I seriously doubt a fish would pull itt loose.  The wire is as strong as the Herring under spins and they work the same way.  What I really like about these is the fact I can sell them without the hooks.  Between all the different sizes and brands it can get really expensive quick with hook inventory.    Once the hooks get here I'll post pics of the mushroom jigs to.  
Here is one with a ties tail
[Image: 14690889_1422366611122045_8016160284149530229_n.jpg]
I'm still playing with this mold.  And the more I play the more I like it.

[Image: 1a.jpg]
got to be deadly on the drop with the swim bait,nice job
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