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A very interesting blog written by a pike fisherman and hobbyist from Galway, Ireland.

How To Make Fishing Lures

Of particular interest to me is his article on jig making.

Fishing Jig Making - Without Expensive Moulds?

Pretty good reading imo.  Seems very interesting, innovative, and resourceful to me. Cool
Thanks PUP. really enjoyed reading.will do more searching.We started making tube jig's in the late 70's early 80's from melted plastic worms and a pencil.Made our own inside leadheads for tubes(still use mold today) Made the chugger rebel out of cedar. Took the tubes to a bass tour(BASS) was leading after the 1st day. They put the tour director with me to fish because they thought I was cheating. after i had caught my second day limit(10 fish Bass) on 11 casts the tour director asked if I had another one LOL. We started selling by the hundreds out of our garage.Still make them today.Thanks
Good stuff thanks for the links

Now that's red neck engineering

Nice read
excellent post - enjoyed both links